Bishop Carlos Belo says he will not lead a peace dialogue unless the Indonesian government provides more information about the recent killings of pro-independence activists in a church compound.
    The second reconciliation meeting of leaders of pro-integration and pro-independence groups will not take place unless the government clarifies the details of those who were killed on 6 April in a church compound in Liquica district as they sought sanctuary there, Bishop Belo told UCA News.
    Bishop Belo, apostolic administrator of Dili, also demanded that all shootings be stopped. But some 1500 armed pro-integration militia rampaged through the streets of Dili last weekend, attacking pro-independence activists and killing at least 20 people.
    Bishop Belo said he is not happy with local authorities' support for the military's claim that only five people were killed and 25 injured during the earlier incident, when the pro-integration Besi Merah Putih (red-white iron) militia attacked activists in the church compound in Liquica, 40 kilometers west of Dili. Based on eyewitnesses who helped load the bodies of the victims onto a military truck, Bishop Belo insisted that at least 25 pro-independence activists were killed in the incident.
    Meanwhile, the Justice and Peace Commission of Dili diocese has been collecting the names of the people killed in the Liquica incident based on reports from eyewitnesses, relatives and family members.

9:51am 21/4/99 / UCA News


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