Cardinal Carlo Martini, Archbishop of Milan, addressed students of the city's Catholic University about the contribution they could make to alleviate the ravages of war in Yugoslavia.
    The Cardinal appealed for greater reflection "on the issues which at this time are lacerating our consciences."
    "The present is marked ... by the tragic and cruel conflict in Kosovo, in face of which we feel impotent. We must react, and be prepared to act, each one as best he can. What can Catholic university students do? In a word, I would say the following: they can help disarm spirits by the use of reason. That is to say, to oppose the spiral of violence, the spirit of war, the culture of subjugation. This would be a positive, contrasting action on the part of an institution of higher learning, which materializes in the concrete investment of the resources of human reason, understood as an instrument of communication, understanding, dialogue and peace."
    Cardinal Martini requested the study of concepts like "humanitarian interference" and "the conditions and the means to give the international community an effective and recognized political authority," as well as "the value and the limits of nations, the adequate political and institutional forms in order to combine the integrity of nations with the autonomy of peoples." Because, the Cardinal said, "this work of research, study and cultural collaboration is also a work of justice and peace."

11:59am 20/4/99 / Zenit


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