Spread the word - WYD is coming!

Evangelisation is the key to ensuring all Catholic youth will have the opportunity to experience World Youth Day, Bishop Porteous says.

The Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney says a successful WYD will rely on "youth laity" spreading the word, The Catholic Weekly reports.

"As Pope Paul VI said, the new evangelists are not the cardinals in Rome, but the youth laity and it will be them who make this World Youth Day in Sydney successful," he said.

Addressing 25 youth leaders from Sydney and across NSW during a leadership course, Bishop Porteous spoke about the need for the Church to grow and develop the faith.

"Everyone is called upon to be leaders and successful in life, but we need to make sure that we lead in a way which the Church teaches, the way Jesus lead."

Need to spread the word about WYD, says Bishop (Catholic Weekly 03/02/08)

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1 Feb 2008