Exorcism centre to be built in Poland

A "spiritual oasis" which some have billed as Europe's only centre dedicated to performing exorcisms is being planned to be built in Poland.

Catholic News Agency reports Fr Andrzej Trojanowski, the priest leading the project told the Washington Post that the project was "my task, this is my purpose - I want to help these people".

Fr Trojanowski, who has worked as an exorcist for four years, said there is group of people who "cannot get relief through any other practices and who need peace."

Fr Wieslaw Jankowski, a priest with the Institute for Studies on the Family near Warsaw, who will also serve the new centre said that priests at the institute realised they needed an excorcist on staff after they encountered an increase in people suffering from evil.

"Typical cases include people who turned away from the Church, embracing New Age therapies, alternative religions, or the occult," Fr Jankowski said.

"Internet addicts and yoga devotees were also at risk," he said.

According to Father Trojanowski, he sees as many as 20 people a week who are under the influence of evil.

Exorcists consider only a small fraction of people to be completely possessed by demons, displaying supernatural strength or revulsion towards sacred objects and speaking in exotic languages. Such cases require a direct confrontation with demons.

Catholic officials plan "exorcism center" in Poland (Catholic News Agency 12/02/08)

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13 Feb 2008