Court clash averted between Irish prelates

In a significant reversal, the retired Archbishop of Dublin Desmond Connell has withdrawn an appeal in which he sought to stop the release of documents on the archdiocese's handling of sex abuse cases.

Catholic World News reports Cardinal Desmond Connell dropped the appeal, averting a legal stoush with his successor Archbishop Diarmuid Martin (pictured) who had promised to hand over the documents and work in full cooperation with the investigating commission.

Previously, on January 31 the Cardinal Connell had won a temporary court order preventing the Dublin Archdiocese Commission of Investigation, headed by Judge Yvonne Murphy, from examining the documents.

Cardinal Connell had earlier told friends that he was prepared to go to jail if necessary in order to protect the confidentiality of some documents.

Church officials had been urging the two Irish prelates to resolve their differences without a major court battle.

Irish cardinal drops court appeal; documents released (Catholic World News 11/02/08)

12 Feb 2008