Caritas donations soar

Caritas chief Jack de Groot is thrilled with the growing support for campaigns helping the poor in the world saying contributions have grown by 10 per cent every year since 2000.

The Catholic Leader reports Mr de Groot, speaking at the launch of this year's Project Compassion campaign, that contributions have been grown in the last seven years helping to boost the agency's programs to $26.8 million, up from $6.6 million in 1997.

"Donations to the campaign have been growing at roughly 10 per cent per annum since 2000," Mr de Groot said.

"Campaign donations passed $5 million for the first time in 2000. Last year donations reached $9 million.

"Our target this year is $9.7 million," he said.

Mr de Groot said major disasters since 2000 had been part of the reason for the fundraising increase.

"Australians have readily responded to some of the huge disasters like the 2004 tsunami and the Kashmir earthquake in 2005," he said.

"As a result they have become more involved in the work of Caritas overall."

Project Compassion began on Ash Wednesday, 6 February and will run through Lent until Easter Sunday, March 23.

During the six-week campaign, Catholic schools and parishes throughout Australia will receive and use educational materials aimed at broadening the way the Church views the world.

Caritas donations soar (Catholic Leader 08/02/08)

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8 Feb 2008