Fears security not up to scratch for WYD

A leading independent think-tank says security planning for World Youth Day and other major events is still "ad-hoc" and believes the tourism industry needs to improve planning in light of terrorism.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the Australian Strategic Policy Institute says with the constant stream of international events to be held in the country, "early contact" needs to be generated between the tourism and security agancies.

"Despite the frequency of these special events in recent years, such as the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, the 2007 APEC Summit and the 2008 World Youth Day, there's still evidence of an ad-hoc approach in engaging the tourism sector on security planning," the report stated.

It is expected that hundreds of thousands of young people will be attending WYD in July.

"In an age of heightened terrorist threats, now is the time for the Australian tourism industry to re-examine their security training, put security plans in place, review physical security and evacuation procedures, evaluate staff vetting and consider if extra security investments should be made.

"The Australian tourism industry needs to factor terrorist threats into business risks for some time to come."

Tourism needs to focus on terror threat
(Sydney Morning Herald 07/02/08)

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8 Feb 2008