Uni protest based on falsehood

A stunning revelation has revealed the 67 academics from Rome university La Sapienza who protested Pope Benedict's visit last month based their letter on an incorrect report from Wikipedia.

Zenit reports Italian newspaper L'Osservatore Romani stated the official letter from the teachers which kick started the protests was based on facts copied and pasted from a flawed online encyclopedia Wikipedia entry.

"In the name of liberty and the investigation of science, they have taken as true a falsehood, accepting an affirmation without proving its credibility," the newspaper stated.

The article explained that the original letter cited a speech supposedly given "March 15, 1990 in the city of Parma."

The citation reflects an erroneous entry as the speech was really given in Rome, ironically at La Sapienza on 15 February, 1990.

"What's surprising is that the person who took the citation could not have read the complete Wikipedia entry, which enables one to realize that the meaning of Ratzinger's phrase is exactly the contrary to what the 67 professors have aimed to attribute to the Pope," the newspaper continued.

Newspaper" Sapienza needed a fact-check (Zenit 07/02/08)

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8 Feb 2008