Abortion will not stand says Cardinal

A pro-life vigil to mark the 35th anniversary of the Roe vs Wade US Supreme Court decision to legalise abortion has blasted the historic ruling as "not compatible with human dignity'' and a decision that ''will not stand''.

Catholic News Service reports Philadelphia Cardinal Justin Rigali, (pictured) who is the US Bishops Committee on Pro-Life Activities Chairman, opened the annual Nataiona Prayer Vigil for Life on Monday.

Supporters packed Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington as Cardinal Rigali delivered his homily

"Instead of choosing great or impressive people in the eyes of the world, God uses the humble, the foolish, the weak and 'those who count for nothing' to accomplish his purposes," Cardinal Rigali said.

"It is when we least expect it that the tiniest among us can humble the powerful.

"By seeking holiness and using the gifts God has given you to achieve his will there will be no more crying or pain or death. Certainly no abortion. No euthanasia. No assisted suicide. No deep-freezing of embryos as though they were merchandise. And no destruction of human life in the name of science."

Roe v. Wade 'will not stand,' cardinal says at pro-life vigil Mass (Catholic News Service 22/01/08)

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23 Jan 2008