Conference to discuss spirituality and child wellbeing

An Australian Catholic University conference underway in Ballarat is discussing the implications of new research on the role of spirituality in the education and health of young people.

The university is bringing together over 130 international experts for the Eighth International Conference on Children’s Spirituality.

Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor Gabrielle McMullen said the conference is an opportunity for educators, health experts and others who work with youth to consider diverse perspectives and practical models of spirituality and related educational approaches.

"This conference brings together many renowned scholars to explore issues, successful practice and innovative approaches for creating healthy and nurturing environments that promote spirituality and wellbeing in children and adolescents," said Professor McMullen.

“The conference theme regarding the role of spirituality in health and education is an important and necessary one. The spiritual dimension of children’s lives is too rarely addressed in academic study,” she added.

Conference papers address topics such as global responses to youth spirituality, happiness, inter-faith dialogue, educators’ attitudes and new approaches to teaching spirituality. The results from a number of broad-based national studies on Australian youth attitudes towards spirituality will also be presented.

The event, which began yesterday, will run until Thursday, at ACU National’s Ballarat Campus.

ACU National experts host children’s health and spirituality conference (Australian Catholic Universityi 18/1/08)

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21 Jan 2008