Pope to cut Good Friday prayer's offence to Jews

Pope Benedict XVI has decided to reformulate a Good Friday prayer in the 1962 Roman Missal that was offensive to Jews, according to an Italian newspaper.

Catholic News Service reports that Il Journale says the new prayer will drop all reference to the "blindness" of the Jews in refusing Christ as saviour, the newspaper.

The Vatican has not officially confirmed the report, but sources said privately that a rewriting of the prayer was likely and could be made public soon.

The issue arose last year when the pope liberalised use of the 1962 missal, known popularly as the Tridentine rite. The missal contains a prayer for the conversion of Jews, recited on Good Friday.

While the prayer would not be recited in most parishes, particular Catholic communities devoted to the old rite could use it in Good Friday liturgies.

The prayer for Jews in the 1962 missal is part of a series of prayers for the conversion of non-Christians.

Italian newspaper says pope to change Tridentine prayer for Jews (Cathoilc News Service 18/1/08)

21 Jan 2008