Pell slams AMA over kids carbon tax

Sydney's Archbishop Cardinal George Pell has slammed the Australian Medical Association for its publication advocating a tax on children and suggesting families should pay an annual carbon tax on their kids.

In an article in the AMA's Medical Journal of Australia, obstetrician and associate professor of medicine Barry NJ Walters argues the current baby bonus should be replaced with a $5000 levy and a yearly tax of $800 for families with more than two children.

The Australian reports Cardinal Pell has criticised both the journal and Professor Walters. He called the article a "striking illustration of a minority neo-pagan, anti-human mentality."

"I am not sure what is more extraordinary, that an obstetrician could hold such a view or that a leading medical journal could publish such a view," Pell said.

However, Prof Walters supported his statement claiming "showering financial booty on new mothers" rewarded "greenhouse-unfriendly behaviour".

Cardinal Pell is currently in Seoul where he has become the first ever recipent of
The Mysterium Vitae (Mystery of Life) Grand Prix award, by the Archdiocese of Seoul, for his anti-abortion work.

Pell attacks AMA over carbon tax on children (The Australian, 18/01/08)

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18 Jan 2008