Catholic educators to help build national curriculum

Representatives from Catholic schools will take part in a 12 member board to develop a world class national schools curriculum.

The Age reports Melbourne educationalist Prof Barry McGaw (pictured) will head the Rudd Government's push to establish a curriculum for all students from kindergarten to year 12.

The key areas for the common curriculum will be in English, maths, the sciences and history, to be delivered by early 2011.

PM Kevin Rudd described the job as tough, pointing to the failure of earlier efforts, but said a national curriculum was needed.

Rudd added a national curriculum was also needed to help boost retention rates, which had stagnated at 75 per cent when the Government's target was at least 85 per cent.

Last year, Mr Rudd angered the Australian Education Union saying they would not be offered a place on the new national curriculum board.

Union national president Angelo Gavrielatos warned that unless the board had teacher representation, the push for national consistency in schools was "doomed to fail".

National plan to tackle education (The Age 31/01/08)

31 Jan 2008