Church continues support of abortion moratorium

The Church in Italy will continue to support the moratorium on abortion, however has not gone as far as asking for a "revolt" against the current law.

Catholic News Agency reports Vicar for Rome Cardinal Camillo Ruini said during a TV interview, while abortion is an "intrinsically evil norm", law 194, which legalised abortion in Italy should be read in a "comprehensive way."

"One way for respect for life to be recovered in the country is for Italian politicians to read law 194 so that the provisions included in the law which oblige the state to take measures to avoid abortions and support pregnant women are applied," Cardinal Ruini said.

"In fact, these provisions have been forgotten."

Cardinal Ruini added that through the help of Catholic centres in Italy, more than 850,000 abortions had been avoided in recent years.

"We need to do everything possible to help women to welcome their children."

Church in Italy insists on "abortion moratorium" (Catholic News Agency 30/01/08)

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31 Jan 2008