Di sought Catholic advice about Muslim marriage

A Catholic priest has revealed Princess Diana's butler had asked him whether she could marry a Muslim only months before her death.

AFP reports Fr Anthony Parsons of the Carmelite Church in Kensington, west London told the inquest into her death that he did not know the identity of the man involved, although Mr Burrell said last week that Diana asked him about marrying surgeon boyfriend Hasnat Khan.

"It was on an evening in 1997 that I was again invited round to their home,'' Fr Parson said.

"At some point during the course of the evening Paul Burrell asked me: 'Is it possible for a Muslim to marry a non-Catholic in a Catholic church?''".

Last week Mr Burrell told the inquest that Diana did not consider Dodi Fayed as "the one'' she would marry, and was still yearning for Dr Khan, with whom she split shortly before her brief relationship with Fayed.

The Catholic priest said he did not follow up on Mr Burrell's request due to Diana's death.

"Had I wanted to find out whether marriage under the circumstances was a possibility I would have needed to approach the (local) bishop or members of his marriage tribunal at the Diocese of Westminster,'' he said.

"I'm not sure exactly when Paul Burrell asked me about the suggestion but I never followed through with it because it was around the time of Diana's death,'' he said.

Diana sought advice on marrying Muslim
(AFP 23/01/08)

24 Jan 2008