Christmas campaign welcomes Brisbane lapsed Catholics

Brisbane Archdiocese has launched its Come and Celebrate Christmas campaign in an attempt to reach the more than 500,000 people within the archdiocese who identify as Catholics but do not have close contact with the Church.

In a series of half page newspaper advertisements, Archbishop John Bathersby is inviting all Catholics to take part in Christmas celebrations in their local churches.

The campaign is the prelude to a major outreach initiative being launched as part of the 150th anniversary of the archdiocese in 2009.

Archbishop Bathersby has also sent letters to individual parishes outlining a range of initiatives to welcome non-practising Catholics at Christmas, as well as including plans for a 2008 pilot scheme in 20 parishes.

This would pave the way for complete parish involvement in 2009.

In the letter, Archbishop Bathersby asks all priests and parishioners to make a particular effort to extend a personal welcome to those who respond to the invitation to join Christmas celebrations.

Campaign rolling out Christmas welcome (Catholic Leader 16/12/07)

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Archdiocese of Brisbane

18 Dec 2007