Pope stresses moral education for young people

Pope Benedict has appealed to all people in power to replace violence with dialogue in an effort to restore hope.

The Pontiff added that education in human and moral values was the key to a peaceful society.

Catholic News Agency reports the Holy Father used the opportunity of welcoming seven new ambassadors to the Vatican to reaffirm his stance that "peace must prevail" and that selfishness leads to tensions.

The new ambassadors to the Holy See - which hail from Thailand, Seychelles, Namibia, Gambia, Suriname, Singapore, and Kuwait - were given a "rough sketch" by the Pope on how to retore hope in the people of their countries.

"The governments must bear in mind their deepest aspirations so that everyone may benefit from the profits of the natural and economic resources of his or her country, in accordance with the principles of justice and equity," the Pope said.

"Societies should invest in young people who are a country's greatest wealth and that their education is a fundamental necessity.

The Pope says that while more secular societies tend to focus only on technical and academic training for their youth, it is also important "to promote education based on human and moral values.

"This will ensure that young people may occupy their rightful place in the development of the nation."

Benedict XVI tells nations: Restore hope by overcoming violence with dialogue
(Catholic News Agency, 13/11/07)

Pope to diplomats:Combat violence with education
(Vatican Inforation Service, 13/11/07)

14 Dec 2007