Bishop says sterilisation won't end poverty

An Argentinian Bishop has said "greater equality and social justice" - not sterilisation programs - will counter the poverty attributed to overpopulation.

Catholic News Agency reports Bishop Juan Ruben Martinez of Posadas in Argentina says tubal ligations will not help balance society, rather "greater equality and social justice" are the answer.

The statements were made in response to a question when he was asked what to do to make poor Native Americans in Argentina to have fewer children.

"In seeking out equality, the common good and hope come into play," Bishop Martinez said.

"Solidarity springs forth from our faith in Christ and should be expressed in concrete choices and gestures, especially in the defence of life and of the rights of the most vulnerable and excluded," he said.

Bishop Martinez added that selfishness was the "root of out ills" and that society needs to be converted to the common good and to justice.

Poverty not solved by sterilization, says Bishop (Catholic News Agency, 10/12/07)

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11 Dec 2007