Columban ecologist praises Rudd Kyoto ratification

Irish ecologist Fr Sean McDonagh has written from the UN climate change meeting in Bali that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's signing of the Kyoto protocol was an early highlight of the meeting.

Fr McDonagh said the signing of the document is a clear indication of the importance climate change in the Rudd administration.

As well as Kyoto being signed, the Rudd government has also agreed to a number of initiatives including the setting up of a $500 million fund to boost research into renewable energy, and another $500 million fund for the development of so-called clean coal' technology.

However, Fr McDonagh said that while Australian NGOs at the Bali meeting where pleased with the result of the election, the new PM will be challenged in regard to clear felling old growth forests.

"These, after all are carbon sinks, and many delegates are hoping that the Bali conference focuses more attention on protecting forests across the globe, Fr McDonagh said.

"Other countries like the Philippines and Indonesia, which still have remnants for their tropical forests, will be hoping that the protection of existing forests will be recognized and rewarded in the new treaty for the post 2012 era," he said.

More Fr McDonagh's Bali reflections are contained in the three documents linked below.

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10 Dec 2007