China appoints bishop backed by Holy See

A new Chinese Bishop who has publicly declared his loyalty to the Vatican, will be ordained in Guangzhou today.

The Associated Press reports that the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA) confirmed Fr Joseph Gan Junqiu's ordination.

Since the Communist Party took power in China, relations between the country and the Vatican have been strained as Chinese authorities repeated refusal to consult the Holy See when choosing new bishops.

AsiaNews reports Fr Junqiu has waited for more than a year to be ordained due to the CPCA apparent displeasure of the new bishop's public declaration of his loyalty to the Vatican.

A Chinese Catholic Web site said Fr Junqui is a native of the southern province of Guangdong and had studied in Belgium, France and Hong Kong.

China's official Catholic church to ordain a new bishop in southern city of Guangzhou (PR-inside.com, 03/12/07)
Ordination of the bishop of Guangzhou set for tomorrow(Asia News, 03/12/07)

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4 Dec 2007