Pope says Christmas without Christ is 'empty'

In a meditation during the final days of Advent, Pope Benedict has said that celebrating Christmas without mentioning of the birth of Christ is like having an "empty holiday".

He said it did not make sense not to acknowledge that God became man.

The pontiff, who began his address by speaking on justice, said that every person awaits justice, but as Christians, it means to live "under the eyes of the Judge, according to the criteria of the Judge."

"Being vigilant during Advent, means to live under the eyes of the Judge and to prepare ourselves and the world for justice," the Pope said.

"By living under the eyes of the God-Judge, we can open the world to the arrival of his Son, preparing our heart to welcome 'the Lord who comes.'"

The Holy Father added that the baby adored 2000 years ago in "a cave of Bethlehem, never stops visiting us in our daily life".

"The wait is marked by assiduous prayer so that the arrival of the Son of God comes more quickly.

"It is very important that we are true believers, and as believers, that we reaffirm forcefully, with our lives, the mystery of salvation that comes with the celebration of Christ's birth."

A Christless Christmas is senseless, says Pope (Zenit, 20/12/07)

21 Dec 2007