Catholic schools welcome Labor's computers for schools

The Catholic education sector has welcomed Labor's Information and Communication Technology package for school students.

Queensland Catholic Education Commission Executive Director Mike Byrne said the initiative will "undoubtedly help students and teachers in Catholic schools achieve improved educational outcomes for the digital age."

Labor announced the campaign, which would fund a computer at school for every Australian student in Years 9-12, and broadband connections at speeds of up to 100mb/sec to 99% of school students.

"We need to be sure our teachers will have access to continuing and enhanced professional development to make the most of new opportunities to facilitate learning in dynamic on-line environments.

Meanwhile Melbourne's director of Catholic Education Stephen Elder also welcomed the announcement.

"Schools are very aware that information and communications technology is key to contemporary learning in the 21st century," Mr Elder said.

"From an education perspective, it is great when there is a public acknowledgement by major parties of the importance of keeping our schools linked to the very best available internet network infrastructure."

Catholic Education Welcomes Labor Commitment to Information and Communication Technology in Schools (Queensland Catholic Education Commission 14/11/07)
Great news for technology in schools (Catholic Education Office, Archdiocese of Melbourne 15/11/07)

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16 Nov 2007