Philippines to spend $49m on birth control

The Filipino government will spend $49 million on birth control initiatives despite the Church's staunch opposition.

The House of representatives passed the initiative as part of the 2008 budget saying the high birth rate adversely impacts public welfare, Asia News reported.

However, the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines said the money should be spent on eradicating poverty and unemployment, not "population management". The Church promotes natural methods of birth controls.

Albay Representative Edcel Lagman, chairman of the House appropriations committee, said "it's time the government tackled the burgeoning population problem."

"It will help contain the annual population growth rate of 2.36 percent, which impacts adversely on the principal indicators of human development like health care, quality education, food security, employment, mass housing and the environment," Lagman said.

"Funds will be used on nationwide educational campaign and seminars on birth control, and for the procurement of modern natural and artificial reproductive health products," he said.

The Church has tried several times to stop government initiatives in favour of artificial birth control methods.

Manila to spend two billion pesos on birth control, Church says no (Asia News, 08/11/07)

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8 Nov 2007