Catholic groups commend ALP on social inclusion

Catholic Social Services Australia and Jesuit Social Services (JSS) have welcomed the ALP's release of its Social Inclusion Agenda.

The Agenda is aimed a breaking the cycle of disadvantage by integrating social inclusion principles across mainstream policies.

A Social Inclusion Unit, within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinent will determine target groups and how communities might be engaged in decision making.

The services agree the commitment to provide access to universal preschool education for all four year old children is a very positive step.

"It's encouraging to see the ALP's commitment to revisit a range of vocational services programs and we look forward to working on solutions to help vulnerable, marginalised Australians achieve their full potential," Catholic Social Services Australia director Frank Quinlan said.

Earlier this year Jesuit Social Services and Catholic Social Services Australia launched Dropping off the edge: the distribution of disadvantage in Australia which provided a picture of areas of entrenched disadvantage.

The report found that despite Australia's recent strong economic growth, some communities remain caught in a spiral of intergenerational poverty.

"Early intervention is the key to breaking the cycle of disadvantage and we look forward to working closely with the ALP on how this might be achieved," he said

"Labor's policy presents a new opportunity to overcome the social disadvantage faced by too many Australians."

ALP Shows Leadership on Social Inclusion (Catholic Social Services Australia 23/11/07)

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27 Nov 2007