Writer praises Catholic schools work in GM awareness

An international writer on Genetic Modification has applauded the initiative of Catholic schools in bringing GM case studies into their curricula.

Speaking at Parliament House, Jeffrey Smith said for some American writers, Genetic Modified Organisms (GMOs) stands for "God Move Over".

In his recent book, Genetic Roulette Smith document studies of "repeated pattern of illness, corroborating evidence, and health reactions consistent with the known potential risks of GM foods."

He argues the ill effects of GM production and consumption are now irrefutable.

Smith, who was invited by the Gene Ethics Network and Organic Growers Australia were is on a two week speaking tour to draw attention to the Victorian, South Australian and NSW governments who are reviewing their current moratoriums on the commercial growing of GM food crops.

Last year, the Columban missionaries produced a DVD to promote debate on the dangers on GM. In the Philippines the false promises about supposed benefits of GM and the costs of patented seeds, have been used to rob farmers.

Fr Charles Rue (pictured left, with Jeffrey Smith), who represented Columban Mission at the gathering in Parliament House, said he is pleased to cooperate with groups such as Gene Ethics on what is obviously a justice issue and one that impinges on "God's sacred gift of life".

Over five hundred Catholic schools and groups have taken GM as a case study in the disciples of ethics, religion, social justice, biology, economics, health and agriculture.

International writer on genetic modification applauds Catholic schools (St Columban's Mission Society 23/11/07)

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26 Nov 2007