Filipino polticians replace 'Mary' and 'Joseph' in nativity mural

A Filipino cinema owner has made a political stand by hanging a nativity mural using the faces of the current and former presidents in place of Mary and Joseph.

The giant tarpaulin features President Gloria Arroyo and former president Joseph Estrada as Joseph.

The cinema owner - Vic Alvarez - says the mural will send a message to counter corruption, the Cebu Daily News reports.

"I came up with this nativity scene so they would realise that they are the father and the mother of our nation," Mr Alvarez said.

"I simply want to declare my wish for better governance," he said.

This isn't Alvarez's first attempt at "political art". Before the presidential elections in 2004, he also placed a huge tarpaulin featuring the faces of the then presidential contenders wearing Santa Claus attire.

Nativity scene of Gloria, Erap draws mixed reactions(Cebu Daily News, 22/11/07)

23 Nov 2007