Church anxious over new film of Jesus in India

The Catholic Church in Southern India has expressed concern over a new movie which attempts to portray Jesus' "missing years" on the Indian subcontinent.

The Hindu reports that Church spokesman Fr Paul Thelekat said the Hollywood movie, Aquarian Gospel - which is inspired by the book of the same name written in 1908 by Levi H Dowling - may end up creating controversy.

"There is no historic proof to show Jesus came to India and the Church has apprehensions that such portrayal could create confusion," Fr Thelekat said.

The film depicts Jesus visiting Buddhist monasteries and speaking against the inequalities of the caste system.

The Church fears this may offend religious sentiments of different communities.

"It should not offend religious sentiments of Hindus, Christians and Buddhists," he said.

"The Church is not against artistic and imaginative productions which is welcome provided it is true to the spirit of Jesus Christ and does not distort historical facts.

"There is universal interest in the life and message of Christ. Perhaps the film is an attempt to cash in on this interest."

Catholic Church anxious about Hollywood film on Christ (The Hindu, 21/11/07)

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22 Nov 2007