10,000 homes needed for WYD pilgrims

World Youth Day organisers are hoping to recruit 10,000 Melburnians to put up pilgrims for the Days in the Diocesese event in their city.

The special event is part of World Youth Day celebrations and will see 25,000 people attend the event.

It is the tradition of past World Youth Days to host pilgrims in family homes for the duration of their stay.

At least two pilgrims will stay in each family home from 5-14 July 2008.

World Youth Day Melbourne chief Br Mark O'Connor believes the program will be one of the largest billeting efforts ever seen in the city.

"We are recruiting family homes right throughout Melbourne not just within Catholic
networks but to the wider community," Br O'Connor said.

"We are hoping that Melburnians will respond with an outpouring of support for the international pilgrims that will stay here during Days in the Dioceses," he said.

Full information is on the DID website - did08.com

10,000 families to open their homes for visiting pilgrims(Sydney Morning Herald, 18/10/07)

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22 Nov 2007