Director says education funding "easy option" for politicians

The Executive Director of Schools in Parramatta Diocese Greg Whitby said the promise of extra funding is an "easy option" that cannot be expected to create a world-class education system.

Mr Whitby said the way to create a better system is to invest education funding more wisely as it has reached a "turning point".

"Sadly, there is little difference between today's schools and those of the 1960s," Mr Whitby said in an article published earlier this month in Catholic Outlook.

"Schools must go beyond making simple changes and radically transform themselves to reflect the current social, cultural and technological context.

"Governments must examine whether a 'back to the future' approach to schooling will meet the needs of today's learners and prepare them for 21st Century careers," he said.

Mr Whitby said the fear was that if schools fail to respond to today's world, the danger was that students will disengage.

"Disengagement puts even greater pressure on our limited resources and teachers," he said.

"Governments and educators need to work together in addressing how young people learn in today' s world and invest funding in a framework that ensures the best possible learning outcomes for all students and Australia's future."

'Real' investment in education is needed (Catholic Outlook November 2007)

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22 Nov 2007