Cardinal warns against 'anti-religious' takeover

Cardinal George Pell has said he is shocked and surprised at the number of young people, especially young Catholics, who say they believe in reincarnation, the Catholic Weekly reports.

A report entitled The Spirituality of Generation Y showed that almost four times as many young Catholics (35 per cent) as Anglicans (nine per cent) believed in reincarnation.

"It is not reassuring to be told that young Catholics are so much more superstitious than other young Christians," Cardinal Pell said.

"The figures for belief in reincarnation are worse for Catholic baby boomers, with 41 per cent of them believing this nonsense.

"Years ago I never dreamed that I would have to start a sermon on life after death by insisting that Christians do not and should not believe in reincarnation, which is not taught by Christ or the Church," he said.

Cardinal Pell said that even within the Catholic Church in Australia there is considerable confusion and ignorance on religious questions.

"The long term danger is that we are taken over by the majority culture, where the most active creative elements are often anti-religious," he said.

Pell added as Catholics, the belief of purgatory was important as it is a time of "waiting and purification so we will be worthy to enter God's presence".

"Therefore, we pray for the souls of the faithful departed to speed them on their way," he said.

Cardinal warns against 'anti-religious' takeover (Catholic Weekly 18/11/07)

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21 Nov 2007