Humans must not be exploited for research: Pope

Human beings, including embryos, must never be manipulated or exploited for scientific and medical research, Pope Benedict has said.

Addressing South Koreas's new ambassador to the Vatican, the Holy Father said destroying human embryos for harvesting stem cells or any other purpose "contradicts the purported intent of researchers, legislators and public health officials to promote human welfare."

"Biomedical science must be guided by robust and firm ethical standards," Pope Benedict said.

"Foremost among these is the dignity of human life, for under no circumstances may a human being be manipulated or treated as a mere instrument for experimentation."

In his speech to the new ambassador,Catholic News Service reported that the Pope praised South Korea's "rejection of human cloning and related procedures" and said he hoped this would help prompt the rest of the world to become aware of the deep ethical and social implications.

"While the church opposes any cloning or stem-cell research that results in the killing of a human embryo, it supports and encourages adult stem-cell research, which not only respects all stages of human life, but has produced favorable results," the Pope said.

The Pope also commended South Korea's efforts to bring peace to the Korean peninsula and foster "fruitful and open dialogue while simultaneously working to alleviate the pain of those suffering from the wounds of division and distrust."

Pope says humans must never be exploited for scientific research(Catholic News Service, 11/10/07)

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12 Oct 2007