Electronic rosary for easy praying

An Italian electronics technician has invented a high-tech rosary, to help Catholic faithful recite the prayers using an electronic device instead of traditional beads.

Shaped like an egg, decorated with images of the Virgin Mary and featuring a push-button, the gadget allows faithful to listen to a woman's voice recite Our Father and Hail Mary prayers in Italian, The Sydney Morning Heraldreported.

The technician, Onorio Frati, said he invented the device to help him pray while on the job.

The gadget is being produced in Loreto, a town in central Italy famous for a shrine to the Virgin Mary. The factory owners are working on producing electronic rosaries in English, Spanish, French, German and Polish.

The electronic rosary can be purchased in religious shops nearby the Loreto Sanctuary, and in Rome near St Peter's Square.

The average price is $47 and can be purchased with optional headsets. Since going on sale in April, 7,000 units have been sold.

Italian invents electronic rosary, SMH October 6, 2007

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