The Rosary, a gift of peace

Peace can be achieved by praying the Rosary, was the message Pope Benedict delivered to the people on the feast of the Rosary, Sunday October 7.

The Pope also reminded the faithful that the month of October is dedicated to the missions, culminating in the World Day for Missionaries, celebrated on October 21st next, Asia News reported.

"The traditional image of Our Lady of the Rosary is of Mary who holds the infant in one hand in on the other poses the crown on St Domenic," Pope Benedict said.

"This significant iconography shows that the Rosary is a means gifted by the Virgin to contemplate Jesus and by mediating on his life, to love him and follow him more faithfully.

The feast of the Rosary was inaugurated by Pius V in 1575 to celebrate the victory of Lepanto over the Turkish fleets which were threatening Europe. Since then the Rosary has become perhaps the most widespread prayer in the world, in devotion of Our Lady.

"The Rosary is the gift which the Virgin left even in her various apparitions. I think particularly of those in Fatima 90 years ago.

"To those three small shepherd children Lucia, Giacinta and Francesco, presenting her as, Our Lady of the Rosary, she emphasised the importance of the prayer, to obtain the end of the war.

"We too want to take on board the maternal request of the Virgin to bring peace to families, nations and the entire world."

The commitment to peace, Pope Benedict said, also characterises missionary work because true peace is spread where men and institutions open themselves to the Gospel.

"The month of October helps us to remember this fundamental truth through special animations which aims to keep the missionary aspect alive in every community in order to support the work of all of those - priests religious and lay - who work on the Churches missionary frontiers".

Pope: the Rosary and the mission for peace in the family and in the world, October 7, 2007

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8 Oct 2007