Big Mac more popular than 10 Commandments

Quick. Name each of the Ten Commandments. OK. Now name the ingredients in a Big Mac hamburger sold at McDonald's.

According to a new survey reported in the Catholic News Service, the Big Mac wins the memory contest.

In truth, the Big Mac has advantages. There are only seven ingredients to remember, and they have a catchy jingle behind them. McDonald's Corp. has poured enough money into commercials that the decades-old jingle remains familiar today.

The vast majority of those surveyed could easily name the primary ingredients in a Big Mac: two all-beef patties (80 percent), lettuce (76 percent), sesame-seed bun (75 percent), special sauce (66 percent), pickles (62 percent) and cheese (60 percent).

By comparison, "You shall not kill" was known to fewer than six in 10 respondents. Less than half (45 percent) could recall the commandment to "Honor your father and mother."

Even those who said they go to church at least once a week had trouble naming all of the commandments.

Survey participants also had an easier time remembering the names of the kids from the old TV series "The Brady Bunch." The least remembered of that sextet, Bobby and Peter, had a 43 percent recognition rate, better than the two least-remembered commandments to keep holy the Sabbath (34 percent) and to not have any gods besides God (29 percent).

Survey: More Americans know Big Mac ingredients than Ten Commandments 4/10/07

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5 Oct 2007