Thief robs church collection boxes

A German woman has confessed to stealing nearly half a million dollars from church collection boxes over the past nine years.

The 57-year-old thief was discovered by a parish priest after seeing her and a male companion poking about a collection box, a spokesman for police in the southern town of Offenburg said.

The woman subsequently admitted that for the past nine years she had stolen $400,107 from collection boxes on a regular basis, scoring between $240 to $400 each time, Reuters reported.

The cunning thief said she had used a special device to get into the collection boxes without breaking the lock and had cleaned out more than 12,000 boxes during her crime spree.

She also confessed to pilfering crucifixes and religious paintings.

German robs church boxes of 250,000 euros in 9 years, (Reuters 19/10/07)

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23 Oct 2007