MacKillop one step closer to Sainthood

The road to sainthood for Mary MacKillop may be one step closer as a second miracle has been revealed.

Vice-postulator of MacKillop's cause for sainthood Sr Maria Casey has publicly announced she believes the recovery of a woman who was on her deathbed is the evidence which will elevate her to full sainthood, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

A devout Catholic, Rosa - who does not want her last name revealed - was miraculously healed as she lay in a coma, suffering multiple organ failure after enduring two bouts of breast cancer.

On the night she recovered - coincidentally the Feast day of Mary MacKillop - her family were praying to Australia's saint-in-waiting for her intercession.

Among them was Father Raphael Beltrame who left the sad gathering for his presbytery to await the call back to Rosa's deathbed.

However, the call never came.

While Mary MacKillop was beatified in 1995, the church needs signs of two miracles from beyond the grave to award her sainthood.

Sr Casey is not looking for Rosa's doctors to declare her recovery a miracle, only to ask them if they can explain it.

"There are circumstances if the recovery is remarkable that there could be a shortening of the time span for investigation," Sr Casey said.

Rosa, a mother of two said she does not invite the celebrity but, while others might be sceptical of supernatural intervention, she is certain that faith in MacKillop is the reason she is alive.

"I've always been a devout Catholic and I've got a lot of faith - and I feel faith has pulled me through. I went back to the doctors and his exact words were, 'It wasn't what we did, we saw a miracle'. He still can't believe it," she said.

Rosa's recovery may pave way to sainthood for MacKillop(Sydney Morning Herald, 22/10/07)

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22 Oct 2007