Group shares pre-election lobbying secrets

NetAct, a lobby group based at the Sydney office of Catholic Religious Australia, has released its Federal Election 2007 Kit.

Titled Voting for our Values not only helps Catholics decide on their vote,
but also gives detailed pointers on how to lobby a politician.

The kit also contains briefing papers on Catholic Social Teaching, and a wide range of socio-economic issues.

NetAct is a broad coalition of Catholic social justice, education and welfare agencies and interested individuals and meets regularly in Sydney.

The 2007 Federal Election Kit seeks to promote the right of church groups and individuals to speak on matters of public policy and to highlight key justice issues for the forthcoming Federal election. The kit is available for download at www.scan.org.au/netact

Australian Bishops election statement reminder

Meanwhile the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has issued a reminder of the election statement it issued in August.

The statement, approved by the nation's 42 Bishops, focuses on the "common good" as the criterion Catholics should use in determining their vote.

"We encourage Catholics to look beyond their own individual needs and apply a different test at the ballot box - the test of the common good." The bishops statement said.

"We firmly respect the right of people to vote for the party of their choice, and urge Catholics to take an active interest in the political process and the future of the nation.

"At a time when some argue that religious faith should be removed from politics altogether, we urge Catholics to take their democratic freedoms seriously and become involved in the political process."

Voting for Values (NetAct Media Release 15/10/07)
Catholic Bishops urge voters to consider the common good at election time (Australian Catholic Bishops Conference(6/8/07)

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

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17 Oct 2007