WYD gifts tax deductible

Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer Peter Dutton has announced that gifts to the World Youth Day Trust will be tax deductible.

The Trust has been established as a way of collecting community contributions to support next July's event.

He says enabling legislation will be introduced as soon as practicable.

Meanwhile, the Sydney Morning Herald reports that Cardinal George Pell said on the weekend that WYD will definitely go ahead at Randwick racecourse.

He said: "You would recall that last October there was an official announcement with the Premier and [local federal MP] Malcolm Turnbull hosted by the AJC at Randwick announcing that the final vigil and the final mass would be there.

"The course is owned by the State Government. They are keen for us to go there. The final Mass will be there," he said.

About 300,000 people would have to be accommodated during an overnight vigil on Saturday, July 19, with numbers expected to swell to 550,000 on the Sunday. A three-storey altar would be constructed and 4000 toilets needed. It was expected the racecourse would need extensive returfing after the event.

WYD coordinator Bishop Anthony Fisher said workers will need to be on site for less than a week.

No Randwick meetings this year
Deductibility of gifts to World Youth Day Trust (CHA, 11/9/07)

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17 Sep 2007