Mary's Quebec Army leaders excommunicated

The Vatican has announced the excommunication of certain members of a Canadian sect called the Army of Mary.

Catholic News Service reports that the group's teachings have been deemed dangerous and erroneous by church authorities.

The Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith declared the excommunication after the Army of Mary performed ordinations without church permission.

The Army of Mary was founded in Quebec in 1971 by Marie-Paul Giguere. She said she was receiving visions from God. Followers believe she is the reincarnation of Mary.

The Army of Mary defied church authorities earlier this year when it ordained several new priests. Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Quebec declared that the priest who conducted the ordination had no authority to do so.

The doctrinal congregation said it was announced the excommunications because it was the only solution.

In 2000, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger warned against the "gravely erroneous" content of the Army of Mary's publications.

Vatican excommunicates some members of Canadian sect (Catholic News, 13/9/07)

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14 Sep 2007