Bishops offer answers to divorce FAQ

The Bishops Conference has published a new booklet setting out answers to frequently asked questions about divorce.

The Bishops new easy-to-read booklet outlines the Church's teaching and offers access to pastoral care and support.

The booklet is entitled Divorce and the Catholic Church: Frequently Asked Questions.

It is presented in the same question and answer format which proved so popular with a previous booklet on marriage.

The booklet also explains clearly the possibilities and the process of annulment. It also explores the question of whether divorced people can continue to receive Communion.

Chairman of the Bishops Commission for Pastoral Life, Bishop Eugene Hurley, said: "None of us are untouched by the deep pain experienced by family members or friends whose marriage has broken down."

In the introduction, the Bishops say the hurts are compounded when those involved are denied access to the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Bishop Hurley said: "It is not easy, and being human, we sometimes fail."

Bishops answer questions on Divorce and the Church in new booklet (ACBC Media Release, 12/9/07)

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Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

14 Sep 2007