Jesus surfers want to walk on water

Christian surfers in the UK are organising the Jesus Surf Classic.

The Age reports that they say Christ was a radical, and surfing attracts people "who tend to be revolutionaries".

The event is organised by Christian Surfers UK. Some traditional churches are suspicious of the group, but others believe that through surfing they might attract a younger crowd.

National director Phil Williams says the group wants to attract surfers into Christianity and also introduce Christians to surfing.

He said: "When you are looking at all the beauty around you, a lot of people wonder where this all comes from."

Mike Doyle from San Diego is a leading light of another big Christian surfing group known as Walking on Water.

He said: "I think Jesus was a rebel, a radical. That attracts many surfers, who tend to be revolutionaries and, sometimes, misfits."

Surfers' services surface in new-wave religion (The Age, 11/9/07)

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Christian Surfers UK

11 Sep 2007