Parents propose "work for fees"

Some Catholic schools in Victoria have introduced informal arrangements allowing parents discounted school fees in exchange for volunteer work.

The Herald-Sun reports that a Gippsland Catholic school allows parents to run the uniform shop and perform cleaning duties in return for discounted fees.

Some Victorian state school parents want the same bartering arrangement.

They are frustrated by escalating levies for expenses such as books and camps. They told a week-long online forum, run by Parents Victoria, that they want dollar values put on the tasks.

One Catholic school mother told the forum that schools should set an all-in levy at the start of each year. Parents could then choose to pay up-front or agree to work it off through working bees, library duty or classroom help.

"If there was a community levy of (for example) $600 per family for the year, and the parent did library duty for an hour and a school excursion, the value left to pay could be $320," she said.

"This way, you know how much money you will need to pay and can choose to pay it in instalments and/or tasks."

Parents want school fees cut for work (Herald Sun, 27/9/07)

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28 Sep 2007