NCEC backs school performance plan

The National Catholic Education Commission is in broad agreement with a plan by Australian states and territories to reinstate teachers as primary assessors of students.

The Australian reports that the system being adopted will provide a means of comparing the performance of schools across sectors. Schools with students struggling to meet literacy and numeracy standards will also receive assistance.

The plan has been agreed to by all state and territory governments. Implementation, which will be considered at an education ministers' meeting in November, could take place as soon as next year.

The Future of Schooling report conducted by the Council for the Australian Federation, to be released today, commits the governments to reporting school performance.

The report is a revised version of the Labor states' and territories' education plans released in April. It aims to reinstate teachers as the primary assessor of students' performance, ahead of national tests. It was revised after consultations with the Catholic and independent school sectors.

It says: "The judgment of teachers is paramount, but external assessments of all students in state and national testing programs must supplement this information."

For the first time, the governments will have a strategy to use the information from the benchmark tests to target schools with struggling students.

Although the National Catholic Education Commission broadly agrees with the plan, the Independent Schools Council of Australia has a more reserved position.

School performance spelt out (The Australian, 25/9/07)

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25 Sep 2007