Pumpkin's mum a "kind, loving wife"

On her Chinese language blog, the mother of the child abandoned at Melbourne's Southern Cross railway station describes herself as a Catholic who reads the Bible and tries to "be a kind, loving wife".

The self-description is published in the blog of Liu An An, the missing mother of the child abandoned by her estranged husband.

Ms Liu fled with their daughter from Auckland to Wellington, where they lived in the suburb of Johnsonville until a month ago. At that time, Mr Xue is understood to have collected and taken her to Auckland.

On her blog, Ms Liu says her ambitions are to "enjoy a middle-class life, love someone despite their weaknesses, and be a kind, loving wife".

Also on the blog are the last known photos of Ms Liu, taken near a lake on New Zealand's South Island in August.

Pumpkin's father held knife to mum's stomach (Sydney Morning Herald, 19/9/07)

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19 Sep 2007