Estonians on ghost lookout

Estonians were this week awaiting the apparition of the White Lady - the country's most famous ghost - at a ruined church in a medieval pontifical castle.

Itar-Tass reports that people from across the country and neighbouring states are arriving in the seaside resort of Haapsalu to watch the apparition.

The young come in especially big numbers, since local tradition surmises that the White Lady gives particular help to the loving hearts, the news agency says.

Although the White Lady is the most famous and popular ghost, people in Haapsalu seem to be convinced that ghosts do not exist and rational explanations can be found to this phenomenon, too.

It is claimed that the White Lady appears in a definite place and at a definite time as rays of moonlight pass through Gothic window apertures of the ruined Catholic church.

A local legend suggests that a young priest once fell in love with a simple rural girl. He disguised her in male clothes and arranged for her a place in the boys' choir.

But someone uncovered their plot, and the girl was eventually walled up alive, while the priest was thrown into a dungeon.

Since then, the spirit of the poor girl appears on every full moon in August in a window of the antique church and searches for her beloved one.

This really happens if the skies are cloudless, but one can also see the White Lady even when the skies are overcast, Itar-Tass says.

Estonians awaiting appearance of country's most famous ghost (ITAR-Tass, 30/7/07)

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1 Aug 2007