MacKillop cure on cards

A young boy's cure from multiple sclerosis is virtually "unheard of", according to vice-postulator for the sainthood cause of Mary MacKillop, Sr Maria Casey, who has referred the case to a Vatican doctor before a possible official church judicial enquiry.

Sr Casey said a review of medical literature had revealed that a cure for MS with other complications was virtually "unheard of" and she was quietly optimistic that this case could progress to the stage where it could be approved by the Vatican, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The boy has been free of MS and in cancer remission for about eight years, and is now a teenager, she said.

A second miracle is required for the founder of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart to be canonised, and the referral of the case for the "unofficial review" to determine its prospect of success was the closest her supporters had come to date to meeting the strict requirements dictated by Rome to declare her a saint.

Though progress has been slow, the development raises the possibility that the Pope could announce canonisation when he visits Australia for World Youth Day next July.

Thousands of pilgrims visited the site of her tomb at Mary MacKillop Place yesterday for her feast day, the crowds a precursor to the 25,000 people a day expected to visit during World Youth Day celebrations.

Among the faithful was Jamal Khalal, from Ingleburn, who prayed for the intercession of Mary MacKillop in the life of her three-year-old daughter Danielle, who requires a kidney transplant. Mrs Khalal said her daughter had been discharged from hospital only eight weeks ago after enduring her third operation to repair her malfunctioning kidneys.

"I'm just waiting for a miracle," she said.

The 'cure' brings sainthood closer (Sydney Morning Herald, 9/8/07)

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9 Aug 2007