Aussie Jesuit ordains fellow companion

Describing him as an irredeemable optimist who would have admired the iceberg that sank the Titanic, Jesuit Bishop Greg O'Kelly has ordained a fellow Jesuit, Sacha Bermudez-Goldman to the priesthood.

It was Bishop O'Kelly's first ordination to the priesthood, pathways reports.

"It was a very moving moment for me to come back amongst a large gathering of Jesuits in Melbourne, and this time, and for the first time, as a bishop," Bishop O'Kelly said.

"Everyone present was conscious of the significance of the occasion as one of their own number ordained one of his brothers to the priesthood.

"My Jesuit identity has now been moulded somewhat differently by the Episcopal ordination. Being called as a Jesuit Bishop to ordain a brother Jesuit added to the harmony of my soul."

Bishop O'Kelly told Fr Bermudez-Goldman who has a background embracing Nicaragua, the United States, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Cambodia and Australia that he was "admirably suited" to be ordained a Jesuit priest.

Fr Bermudez-Goldman has degrees in Engineering and Theology, and has worked as an engineer in the United States.

He has taught in a high school in Central America and was a lay missionary with the Mary Knoll Missionaries, working for some years in Tanzania and Cambodia, where he met Jesuit Scholastics, and seeds of a Jesuit, priestly vocation were planted. He also has had many experiences of serving people on the edges, and the youth of Australia.

Bishop O'Kelly said that his own Episcopal ordination meant that the Australian Jesuit Province had been called to serve the Church in new way.

"In the Province, we are still coming to terms with my appointment, because as most people realise, it is a quite exceptional thing for a Jesuit to be ordained as a bishop.

"I pray that as Bishop, I will be able to continue to endorse and encourage the works of the Province, and always continue to be regarded as a companion by my fellow Jesuits."

In his homily, Bishop O'Kelly said: "You seem irredeemably able to note the positive in all things. I suspect that were you to have been on the Titanic that night, Sacha, you would have said something like, 'what a lovely iceberg!'"

Another Jesuit, Tom Renshaw was also ordained recently in his home town of Queanbeyan by Bishop O'Kelly and Canberra-Goulburn diocese's Bishop Pat Power.

Both new priests will be involved with the Jesuit's World Youth Day program, MAGiS.

Jesuit ordains Jesuit (pathways, August 2007)

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3 Aug 2007