NFP empowers women

Natural Family Planning executive officer Cheryl Curnow has said that an increasing number of women are wanting to escape what she calls the "contraceptive treadmill".

In a statement for Natural Family Planning Week, she said that a quiet revolution is going on among many women in Australia. The women are reclaiming control over their own fertility in a way that involves no pills, injections or devices. She says that this empowers them to make strong and informed life choices.

"Today's woman wants to know when she can conceive and when her fertility starts to decline," Ms Curnow explained. "This information is crucial in helping to make informed life choices in many areas, including family and career."

She said that the phenomenon of marrying later and postponing children has negative consequences for fertility. There is also widespread ignorance about the cycles of fertility.

"Many couples are turning to Natural Family Planning to help them learn more about their fertility and to pinpoint exactly when a woman is most fertile and most likely to conceive."

Women being empowered by tuning into their own fertility (ACBC, Media Release, 21/8/07)

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22 Aug 2007