Catholic Super tops ratings

Several funds managed by Catholic Super have been rated number one in their category by a major industry ratings firm.

According a Catholic Super statement, independent super industry experts, SuperRatings has rated Catholic Super's Balanced Option (and Default Option) return of 21.03 per cent number one for the year.

Catholic Super is also rated the year's top fund in the Aggressive, Moderately Aggressive and Australian Shares options.

The Fund, established in 1971, is open to anyone to join. The Fund is a not-for-profit industry-based fund with over 33,000 members and $2.7 billion of members' funds under management. It is rated in the top eight performing superannuation funds in all its portfolios over the last ten years.

Catholic Super's Chief Executive Officer, Frank Pegan said the most pleasing aspect of the annual performance ratings was the solid returns across all portfolios.

"Catholic Super wants to provide consistently sound returns for its members across all our options, Mr Pegan said.

"We aim to do the best we possibly can; not to do better than other funds but to be consistent by matching the management of risk with the best possible available advice and market research," Mr Pegan said.

Catholic Super's Chief Investment Officer, Tim Hughes attributes the Fund's good performance to its asset allocation and the selection of its managers.

Mr Hughes says that manager selection played a major role in the performance of Catholic Super's portfolios; adding a total of 2.5 per cent to the Fund's performance.

The Sydney Morning Herald says that the results for superannuation funds are shaping up as the best in years. Default options achieved record highs but Australian shares take the prize.

Most super fund members are invested in the default option which achieved a healthy 14.9 per cent for the year to 30 June.

The results are the highest over the past decade and the second highest over the past two decades. Only during 1996-97 were better performance results seen, when funds averaged 16.3 per cent.

However, not all consumers have their super invested through the default option. Many super funds have an extensive range of investment options which potentially give members access to better-performing investment choices.

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26 Jul 2007