Scott no rush to "go home"

Condemned Bali Nine member, Scott Rush, who is challenging his death sentence for drug smuggling, has stopped attending the prison chapel in frustration with people who tell him that "if you die, you will be going home".

The Age also reports that Rush says he has been driven to self-harm by the stress of an impending legal appeal against his death sentence in Indonesia.

Rush, 21, was arrested with eight other Australians on 17 April 2005, in Denpasar in Bali while trying to smuggle 8.3kg of heroin to Australia.

In Rush's first in-depth interview, he told The Bulletin Magazine the impending appeal was taking its toll on his mental health.

Sporting long scratch marks down his forearms, Rush told the magazine he had used a sharp piece of metal to relieve stress.

"They're just scratches," Rush told the magazine.

"Renae (Lawrence, another Bali Nine member) punched a wall and broke her wrist.

"This is what I did."

Rush said he was also seeing a Catholic priest but had stopped attending the prison's chapel "because people who run the jail chapel were telling me, 'If you die, you will be going home'".

"I thought, 'Who are you to tell me that?'"

Meanwhile, his Brisbane-based parents Lee and Christine Rush are continuing a campaign in Australia against capital punishment.

Stress causes Rush to self-harm in Bali (The Age, 25/7/07)

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25 Jul 2007